A secret to double the life of your hot water heater

The secret is that if you own a Rheem, Dux, Vulcan, Aquamax or any mains pressure hot water system including Heat Pump hot water systems and solar hot water systems, you can literally double or triple the life expectancy of your hot water cylinder.

How is it possible?

By simply replacing the ‘Sacrificial Anode’.

A ‘Sacrificial Anode’ is a long thin rod, made of magnesium that sits inside your hot water cylinder.  Being a soft metal, it is designed to corrode while protecting the hot water cylinder.  It only lasts about 4 years (about as long as the tanks’ warranty period).  When the anode can no longer protect your tank, the tank rusts very rapidly and the rust then contaminates your food, your washing and yourself.  A rusting and ruptured tank not only costs you a fortune to replace, but can also cause major damage to your property.

The great news is that the anode can be replaced quickly and simply and as well as keeping your hot water crystal clear, it can literally double and even triple the life of your hot water cylinder (up to 25 years).

If you own a Rheem, Vulcan, Dux, Gas, Electric, Heat Pump or solar, main pressure Water Heater that’s over 4 years old a FREE 15 minute inspection by one of our very qualified technicians can help you decide if your tank is in danger of being one of the 20,000 or more that fail prematurely in NSW each month from rust.