Water heating is the biggest energy user in homes in Sydney Australia.  By switching from an electric to a environmentally-friendly hot water system such as solar panel heating , you could save three tonnes of greenhouse emissions from your home each year and hundreds of dollars on your energy bills.

The rebate for solar heating and heat pump hot water systems is based on the amount of greenhouse gas emissions saved, determined by the eligibility of your system for Renewable Energy Certificates

Solar water heaters also called solar domestic hot water systems can be a cost-effective way to generate hot water for your home. They can be used in any climate, and the fuel they use is free.

How would you like hot water for free?  You’ll spend money up front to install the heating system, but your home equity will increase instantly, often enough to offset the cost of installation.

You’ll also pay reduced utility bills and within a few years, you’ll recover the initial expense.   A solar water heater is far and away the easiest initial investment in renewable energy.   Perhaps best of all, you’ll enjoy hot baths or showers with the satisfaction of knowing the energy comes directly from the sun.

Solar hot water heaters use up to 50-90% less energy than conventional water heaters.
Using less energy means you can make big savings on your hot water energy costs. So even though you’ll be using the same amount of water that you used with a conventional water heater, a solar hot water system uses much less energy to heat the water.

Thanks to all the available government rebates and incentives now available, having  solar hot water installed can cost not much more than an electric water heater. And with all the energy costs you’ll be saving, solar hot water systems can pay for themselves over time.

The average family of four switching from an old electric to a new solar hot water system will save around $500 a year. Of course, whatever saving they make is dramatically rising each year as energy prices head north! You’ll also save around 3-4 tones of carbon dioxide a year going into the atmosphere!

Some alternatives for environmentally friendly and economical water heating are heat pump hot water, solar heating, solar hot water, heat pump hot water systems these can all be subsidized by the solar hot water rebate for Sydney NSW Australia.

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